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About Flight Ready
Hi there,
My name is Monzer Badawi and I currently serve as the President/CEO of Flight Ready Aviation, LLC. I wanted to take a moment to reach out to you and let you know about a few exciting changes that have taken place at our flight school. As you already know Flight Ready Aviation is now under new management. Flight Ready Aviation is now located at the Orlando Executive Airport! In addition, we now have additional aircrafts including multi-engine Duchess's that are available for Instruction and rental.
Even though there have been a few changes that have taken place, some things have remained the same such as our flawless flight training safety record. Also, if you haven't flown with us in awhile, our staff invites you to come out for a tour of our facilities and to ask us questions you may have regarding flight training. You can also book a flight today! We have made training more affordable than ever; make sure to ask us about our different block rates!
Give us a call!
Orlando Executive Airport (407) 898-5050
Or email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
I look forward to seeing you soon!
Monzer Badawi
Flight Ready Aviation, LLC
Flight Ready Aviation was formed in April of 2008 by two long time friends, Scott Sindelar, a current Captain for Southwest Airlines with over 25 years and 20,000 logged hours of flight experience and Nick  Christakos, an entrepreneur with over 14 years of business management experience. Their business plan: To create a flight training facility with a comfortable atmosphere where students, pilots and aviation enthusiasts alike could learn, hang out and talk shop about flying. After all, there is nothing better than for a student to be surrounded by pilots with real world experience who can answer any and all questions to help keep their excitement level up during the training process.
Flight Ready Aviation’s top priority is customer service. Our staff is hand-picked and we pride ourselves on our flexibility regarding scheduling, and ability to adapt to each client’s individual strengths and weaknesses to ensure optimum customer satisfaction. There is no hard sell going on here, just a focus on the customer, which means we will stay within your capabilities and guarantee that you are receiving the safest and best flight training possible going way beyond the basic book knowledge to cover real life scenarios that may be encountered when flying.
We understand during these tough economic times that finances can be an issue, so we do absolutely everything in our power to keep things affordable, which is why we do not have any hidden costs whatsoever (i.e. user fees or fuel surcharges).
When you choose us as your flight experts, you pay as you go with no deposits required.
Our overall goal is camaraderie, so come join the privileged few who have truly experienced what aviation is all about!




The Crew:
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Monzer Badawi
Monzer is the driving force behind the company. A man with a vision to create a venerable business of excellence, he is the inspiration to all as he spearheads the company’s management and operations; strategizing and directing it through its next phase of growth. Born in Egypt, and residing in the United States. Monzer is a recognized FAA Airman who holds many certificates in single, and multi-engine airplanes as well as an Instrument Rating. Having started at an early age of 22, his confident entrepreneurship, passion for aviation and a strong customer focus has helped in building a successful business.
Fluent in English/Arabic.
AHMED JOE 150x150
Ahmed Abdelhakim
Chief Operating Officer
Ahmed is a respected FAA Airman that holds both single and multi-engine certificates as well as his Instrument Rating. Graduated from Carleton University in Canada, Ahmed moved to sunny Florida where he pursued his passion and dreams to become a pilot. Ahmed has held many positions within the aviation industry. Now with Ahmed's thousand plus flight hours, he has chosen to become Flight Ready Aviation's Chief Operating Officer.
Fluent in English/Arabic.
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John Sheets
Chief Flight Instructor
John recently retired from Spirit Airlines, where he was a Captain on the DC-9, MD-80, and Airbus A320/A321. He has over 
19,000 hours flight time total. Prior to flying for Spirit Airlines, he flew and was an instructor in the United States Army.


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James Parra
The first time James saw an airline commercial pilot at El Dorado International Airport with his father in Colombia, James knew that he wanted to become a pilot. With his hard work and dedication James became the first pilot in his family also obtained his CFI license. Now James is furthering his aviation career by attending school to obtain his Bachelors Degree, while helping others who share his passion for aviation.
Fluent in English/Spanish.